About Us


Suitedcareers is a one-stop job portal for all the job listings where we collect and share with you different job listing from a different source to avoid all the hustles of combing through different sites in searching for a job.

We help the recruiters share the word of the incredible job opportunity they have to offer with little or no effort at all.

The job opportunities from our website will help you as a recruiter and job seekers with more job opportunities coverage than ever, bring the perfect candidates to recruiters and perfect job opportunities to the job seekers.


Here is a summary of what we can do for you


As a recruiters

-Publish your job adverts to thousands of subscribers and views to help you find the perfect candidate.


-Share the published job adverts to the social network to boost more coverage and improve the chances of getting a suitable candidate.


-Avoid all the hustles you will have to go through advertising.


-You can contact us through our Contact Us page or send us a quick email to [email protected]


As a Candidates

-Tired of Job hunting and endless waiting for that one chance of an interview that will land your first job then let us deliver the jobs listings to you.


-We will deliver daily job updates to your favourite social platform whether it is WhatsApp or Telegram


-Increase your chances of your hireability by helping you draft a compelling resume and cover letter highlighting your skills.


-Advice on how to write a compelling resume and cover letter to distinguish you from other candidates.


-Share some careers advice including tips on how to land a perfect job, how to advance in your career, or how to write a compelling cv and resume.