10 Mistakes to Avoid During an Interview in 2022

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Employers are quick to point out a slew of mistakes that men make when applying for jobs. These blunders frequently contribute to a body of interview humour and job search stories that are as sad as they are funny.

Many of these errors are simply stupid, while others show a lack of knowledge, experience, and interview savvy. They are well worth repeating here because they provide a larger context for the many questions and answers you will address in the remainder of this book. They were originally outlined in our companion job search guide for college students and graduates


These mistakes are relevant to the entire process, beginning with the initial arrival to closing the interview.

  1. Arrives late to the interview.

First impressions are important and are remembered for a long time. If you arrive late, you’ve made one of the worst first impressions possible! Indeed, no matter what you say or do during the interview, you may never be able to recover from your first blunder. “Will you also arrive late to work?” employers wonder creates a negative image in the waiting room.

  1. Makes a bad impression in the waiting area.

Receptionists and secretaries are treated as inferiors, even though they may have had important input into the hiring process when the employer later asks, “What was your impression of this candidate?” When company reports and related literature were readily available for perusal, he was caught reading frivolous materials, such as People Magazine, in the waiting area.


  1. Offers stupid excuses for behaviour.

Excuses are typically red flags that indicate a person’s unwillingness to accept responsibility and do the work. Here’s a great reason to be late for a job interview. I got lost because your directions were illegible. ” Goodbye! Here are a few more common excuses heard during job interviews.

  • I forgot.
  • It wasn’t my fault.
  • It was bad company.
  • My boss was a real jerk.
  • The college wasn’t very good.
  • I can’t remember why I did that.
  • No one there appreciated my work.
  • I didn’t have time to visit your website.


  1. Presents a poor appearance and negative image.

Dresses inappropriately for the interview, either under-or over-dresses for the position. The interviewee may wear low-quality clothing, choose inappropriate colours, or put it together incorrectly. He or she may need to learn some basic grooming habits, such as haircut and style, as well as makeup and nails, or he or she may need to undergo a major makeover.


  1. Expresses bad, negative, and corrosive attitudes.

Negative, overbearing, extremely aggressive, cynical, and extremely opinionated. Exhibits intolerance and strong prejudices against others. He complains about everything and everyone. Such chronic complainers are referred to as the kitchen in Yiddish.

This indicates a potentially caustic personality who will not fit in with the company. Regardless of how talented this person is, unless he works alone in a cell, he will most likely be fired within two months for having a bad attitude that pollutes the office and lowers morale.


  1. Engages in inappropriate and unexpected behaviours for an interview situation.

Shows off scars, tattoos, muscles, or pictures of the family. Makes a pass at the interviewer. Perhaps an exhibitionist who wants to date the boss and harass a coworker.


  1. Appears somewhat incoherent and unfocused.

It has a tendency to offer incomplete thoughts, to lose focus, and to jump around to unrelated ideas. It’s difficult to maintain a focused conversation. Incoherent thought processes may indicate a problem with attention.


  1. Gives short and incomplete answers to questions.

Tends to respond to most questions with “Yes, ” “No, “Maybe, ” or “I am Not Sure” when the interviewer expects more in-depth answers. Appears shallow, indicating a lack of substance, initiative, interest, and enthusiasm.

You should be confident as most of the questions will be coming from the cover letter that you wrote, so be sure you know what you have written in the cover letter.


  1. Lacks confidence and self-esteem.

He appears to be self-conscious, nervous, and uneasy. In making decisions, he lacks decisiveness. “I don’t know,” “Maybe,” “I’m not sure,” “Hadn’t thought of that,” “Interesting question,” “I’ll have to think about that,” or redirects with the question “Well, what do you think?” communicates uncertainty.


  1. Speaks negatively of previous employers and co-workers.

When asked why he left previous employers, he usually insults them. Has little good to say about other candidates who were not as important as this one. This demonstrates a high sense of self-esteem but a negative attitude toward the majority of the people with whom he works. This attitude is most likely shared by customers.


Final Thoughts

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